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As a safety toe caps company, the manufacturer, we have engaged in producing high-quality safety toe caps for 20 years, below we will list some advantages of our factory.

Raw Material


We use No. 25 steel, while other factories use No. 50 steel.  

No. 25 steel is a low alloy steel with the following advantages:

  1. Good weldability, suitable for the manufacture of components that require welding.
  2. With a certain degree of toughness, suitable for components requiring a certain deformation capacity.
  3. Good cold-forming properties, suitable for the manufacture of components requiring cold processing.
  4. Long service life, not easy to crack, and fatigue.

In general, No. 25 steel is suitable for the manufacture of components with relatively low strength requirements and high weldability.

Raw Material No. 25 steel


Quenching Process


There are many safety toe caps companies in China, our quenching process is different from other factories, they normally use oil quenching, which pollutes the environment. We quench with water, which is technologically advanced, more Eco friendly, and friendly to the environment.


Production Capacity


We have 2 factories in different provinces of China, one is in Shandong Province, the other is in Hebei Province.

In China, environmental protection is now taken very seriously, and the government conducts frequent environmental inspections to control pollutant emissions from companies. Companies will sometimes stop production for a period of time at the request of the government.

Since we have 2 production bases in different provinces, in case one of them can not keep in production run due to environmental inspections, there is another place that can keep up in time, the 2 production bases together can basically output 200,000 pairs a day. For example, if the customer is in a special hurry and the other factory can’t finish the order, we can deliver it within 7 days, which is a fast delivery.

Other safety toe caps company may have only 1 production base, which will cause delivery postponed during environmental inspections.



Quality Inspection Process


Right after finishing quenching, we will carry out quality inspection, immediately to do impact testing.

Our impact testing has two types of testing equipment, one is old-fashioned, and one is purchased outside.

Our old testing equipment is actually much more accurate than the one purchased outside. this old-fashioned equipment is our factory’s own design.

From the beginning when we started to produce safety toe caps many years ago, we imported a set of molds from abroad, then we were told to test to meet the 20 kg standard.

At that time we didn’t know how to test it. We wanted to buy his testing equipment, but the maker said there is no such testing equipment. we have to develop such testing equipment by ourselves.

After a few weeks, the testing equipment was invented successfully, this new equipment has been used for almost six or seven years before the new testing equipment came out in China, but still, we have the old type which is more accurate. This old testing equipment can also only be found in our factory, no second in the whole of China.

Strips Produced inside Factory


Usually, other safety toe caps company buys strips outside in rolls and then cut them with scissors. We are equipped with injection molding machines, so we buy the raw materials and produce the strips inside our factory.

With this machine, we can make bevel strips. What is the advantage of using these strips? when producing cold-sticky shoes, the toe of the shoe will not be prominent, it is a perfect transition. While other factories this kind of head will come up with prominence, or peaking.



R&D Center


We have our own R&D center, which spent nearly USD200,000. with CNC machines, 3D scanning, 3D printing, and other equipment. once you give me a toe, we can make it into whatever you want, exactly the same as yours, or improve it according to your requirements.

The whole R&D center is more than 30 technicians and has been operating for 8 years, the developing speed is fast and accurate, the technology is more mature, and has been very professional.

The workflow is, you give us a safety toe cap sample, we put it on the 3D scanning table, and after a scan, the whole 3D model will come out in the computer, while all data of this toe cap is in the system.

At this point, we will send you the toe cap sketch by output from the system, including the dimensions of each part. If you want to improve, the developer will modify it according to your requirements.

Once you confirmed the sketch with data, we will first make a mockup by 3D printing, it takes 24 hours, why so long? Because the 3D printing process is slow, it is liquid and then molded, which takes 24 hours.

After the mockup is finished and then sent to you, you can check in your shoe factory, fit it to your last, or make a lasted upper, to test this 3D toe cap mockup.

After the mockup is confirmed, we will then start to open the mold. the mold now coming out will be more accurate.

That is to avoid opening out then you are not satisfied and then open a new one, time and money are wasted.






Generally speaking, to be the best safety toe caps company, we keep improving our quality and investing in new types of equipment. after 20 years of development, we are now Asia’s largest safety toe caps manufacturer.

Based on our long-time history, we are confident in our factory, and the production quality. We can send you free samples to compare with other factories. Take the same type, same size, the same thickness, and the same standard situation testing, ours is higher than the height of others, in the 20kg impact testing. 

Welcome to send an inquiry, our contact information is below.

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